Functional Annotation and Classification of Proteins of Prokaryotes

FACoP.v2: NEW version May 2023
What's New:
1) Input is a DNA file (.fna, .fasta, or .fa) and an .gff or .gff3 annotation file
2) Option to perform 'de novo' annotation using only a DNA file
3) Operon prediction is now included
4) PFAM is depreciated: for this reason we removed PFAM from the annotation pipeline
FACoP is a supporting system for FUNAGE-Pro to classify genes for Gene Set Enrichment Analysis. FACoP will annotate proteins for: GO, InterPro(IPR), KEGG-orthology KO, KEGG-pathways, Operons, eggNOG, COG, and KEYWORDS.
For large projects, a stand-alone version (Linux only) should be used; it can be downloaded here: download
If you don't get results most likely the input files are not correct
  • Check if the headers in the fasta file are identical to the first column in the GFF file
  • FACoP use locus-tags as indentifiers, check if your GFF file contain locus-tag information for genes

This web server accepts genomes up to 8M bases for annotation
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May 2023. Anne de Jong [ ..]. Department of Molecular Genetics,
University of Groningen, Nijenborgh 7, 9747 AG Groningen, the Netherlands